Need a Door Sensor Chime for Business? We Tried the EZ Tone Entrance Alert and Here is Our Verdict

Have you ever walked into one of your favorite diners, retail stores or convenience stores and noticed that door chime sound as the door closes? Chances are you heard it from a door sensor chime for business, which many commercial establishments use these days.

For a business owner, it is imperative that you or your employees take notice of a customer coming into your establishment. After all, the first step to great customer service in any retail store or shop is to recognize you have a customer. From here, you can entertain or serve the customer of what he or she needs from your store.

However, how do you know which entrance alert system to install in your establishment given the bulk of products to choose from? To give you a great idea on what to look for a door sensor chime for your business, we looked into one of the hottest names in this segment- the EZ Tone Entrance Alert.

This device has been around in the market for more than a decade and its design had changed a little over time. This is because the EZ Tone DC1 has a very minimalistic approach in giving you the best door chime. It has a simple but reliable design that is sure to catch the eye of any business owner.

According to its manufacturer, some of their long time clients include diners like Subway and KFC, the US postal service, stores like Dollar General and Winn-Dixie and even local gas stations.

EZ Tone Entrance Alert Features

The EZ Tone Entrance Alert is a self contained mechanical alarm unit that has no wires or cables and does not require a battery.

When you unbox the product you will get the main unit that houses the chime mechanism, a small magnet (function will be explained later in the article), a metallic plate, a drill bit and several mounting screws.

The device comes in brown and light gray color. The device can easily be installed by drilling two holes on your top door frame before screwing in place the main unit in place. Next, drill another hole where you will screw the magnet. Both should be aligned for the setup to work. It can be installed on any type of doors- wood or metal; whether they swing-in or swing-out. The whole installation process takes only less than 15 minutes!

Here is how this contraption works. When the door is closed the magnet in the main unit and the separate magnet disc is touching each other.  At the same time the plunger inside the main unit is not touching the metal chime plate. When the door opens, the two magnets are separated and the plunger is suddenly released and strikes the metallic plate that produces the all too familiar “Ding!” sound.

The sound produced by the EZ Tone Entrance Alert is audible to anyone within a 2,000 square feet property or smaller.

Below is the specification of this device:

Length: 5.5 inches

Width: 2 inches

Height: 5.5 inches

Weight: 1 pound

The EZ Tone is popular because of its overall reliability and little to no maintenance. Some current and past owners of this device have reported that it has been with them for decades.

Here is a summary of the key features of the EZ Tone.

-Super easy to install and does not require complicated tools.

-Last for a very long time and has little to maintenance. Because it does not run on electricity or battery, it still works even when there is a power outage.

-One of the most affordable door sensor chime for business of any kind.

The device also comes with a simple but nifty feature- a mute slider or silencer. What it does is simple. The slider comes in between the two magnets so that the plunger won’t be pulled when you open the door and thus, won’t strike the metallic chime. This works great if you temporarily don’t want it to chime.

Pros and Cons of Buying an EZ Tone Entrance Alert

The EZ Tone Entrance Alert has established a strong name in its space because of these features. However, like any product in the door chime alert category, it also has its disadvantages. But first, let us talk with some of its advantages.


-Because it is purely mechanical, its effortless to install and setting it up is a breeze. Some electrical door chimes require you to read a technical user manual, this one does not.

– Bang for the buck. You are actually getting more for the EZ Tone given that it does the job of its modern competitor and with less risk that it could be damaged or encounters a problem (i.e. runs out of battery)

-The “Ding!” sound it produces is clear and can be heard over a medium sized establishment with an area of 2,000 square feet or less.

-Muting slider is simple yet effective when you want to put the device on silent mode.


-One key challenge for any mechanical door chime alert is how to increase or decrease its sound’s volume.

-Works best only on doors with flat surfaces. If your door has some engravings, there is a chance that you may encounter some problems when installing it.

Who Should Buy This Door Censor Chime for Business?

While the EZ Tone Entrance Alert is a perfect fit as a door sensor chime for business establishments, it is also recommended for home use. It’s basically what anyone who wants to keep track if someone enters or comes out the door needs to have.

Commercial businesses like salons, convenient stores, law firms, diners and other retail locations will benefit greatly from this product. If you need to know that a customer has shown up and entered your door this is the device that will do the job for you.


Despite not having the sophistication of its more technologically advance counterpart, the EZ Tone Entrance Alert has its own charms. It’s durable and easy to set up makes it a no-nonsense alert system. And who doesn’t want to keep things simple?

Weighing its pros and cons with its price point, the EZ Tone Entrance Alert is a great item to buy. Its simplistic design does the job well much like its pricier competitors. It is perhaps the reason why it has received many repeat orders.


A Review A Wireless Driveway Alarm: Will It Give Customers Their Money’s Worth?

Looking for the best driveway sensor alarm for your home? While you can find numerous good choices in the market, your lifestyle might still be the indicator of the best option for you. Have you heard of the Wireless Driveway Alarm? It is a feature-filled security device that can benefit you in numerous ways. Likewise, it suits the different needs of potential customers needing a driveway monitoring system.

If you wish to know more about this product, here is a review that provides important pieces of information that you may want or need to know.

Product Features

What does Wireless Driveway Alarm have for you? Below are its features:

  • Easy Installation

The alarm is easy to install. Customers can expect it to be operational in just a few minutes. They would not need to wait for several hours to see the alarm working.

  • Lifetime Warranty

Wireless Driveway Alarm works so well that it offers a lifetime warranty. Customers may expect for an exceptional durability and high-quality performance.

  • Complete Coverage

What is the ideal coverage for you? This alarm offers a complete coverage of your gate, home, office, driveway, pool, or any other property. This is due to extra sensors and receivers that you may add. Having a complete coverage, the product ensures more security for your property.

  • Loud Adjustable Volume Control

While adjusting the volume is important, not all alarms have this feature. Additionally, this alarm offers more than 30 ring tones.

  • Long Range

The item’s range reaches up to 500 ft from sensor to receiver. Trees, walls, hills, parked vehicles, and other extra interferences will diminish the range.

  • Four Zones

These allow 12 sensors for every zone.

  • Optional Guardline Signal Repeater

Do you want to extend the range of your alarm? If so, feel free to purchase the optional guardline signal repeater. Using it may be optional but it greatly helps in providing more security to a property.

  • Flashing LED Zone Lights

Apart from having the chimes, this feature alerts you at a glance.

  • Weather-Resistant Wireless Motion Detector

Worried about the possible damages from the constantly changing weather? Worry no more, for this device has a sun hood for protection against the sun, rain, or snow.

  • AC Adaptor/AAA Batteries

The receiver works either by using the included AC adaptor or AAA batteries. As for the driveway alert sensor, it operates on AA batteries for up to one year. The device also comes with a low battery indicator.

  • 12-Volt Relay

Just in case you would like to add wired external alarms, bells, or chimes, the 12 volt relay included in the receiver can make it possible.


Below are some positive comments from happy customers:

  • Good Sounds and Volume

Apart from good appearance, the good sounds, nice tones, and adjustable volume appeal to customers.

  • Easy to Install

As mentioned earlier, it is very easy to install. The instruction manual is quite thick but only a few pages cover the installation.

  • Flexible

When setting up the system, users can assign zones for the sensors. For instance, they may choose Zone 1 for the driveway and Zone 2 for the back porch.

  • Customizable

Wireless Driveway Alarm comes with a number of dip switches in the sensor. The switches make it possible to configure the sensor in different ways. Users are free to choose how far away they want the sensor to focus on. They may even set it to ignore specific objects or not. Additionally, there is a sleep timer and a pause function that they may use when needed.

  • Loud Enough

Needless to say, an alarm producing a loud sound is advantageous for users. It adds up to the sense of safety and security that they want to feel.

  • No False Alarms

Since you are free to set it up to ignore particular things and use the pause function, false alarms are not likely to happen. Your device won’t pick up anything that you don’t want it to pick up.

  • Customer Service

This may not be about the product itself, but certain customers are happy to know that Guardline actually employed someone to answer necessary questions and provide help when needed.

With these advantages, some customers also reported to have more peace of mind knowing they got a good-quality alarm. Apparently, the device’s flexibility contributes a lot to the satisfaction of users. Not to mention its good sensing performance.


Just like any item in the market, Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm has a few disadvantages:

  • Lack of Choices for Color

If you are concerned with the color of your sensor, this disadvantage might affect you as well. You cannot choose a particular color for your sensor.

  • Not Waterproof

The outdoor sensor is not waterproof, so you would need to exert extra effort to protect it from water.

The disadvantages mentioned are either tolerable or solvable. As a potential owner, you would just need to equip yourself with useful information to be able to deal with some disadvantages that every product surely has.

Who will This Product Benefit the Most?

Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm is best for users who live a busy life and need to make several changes with their security devices. Being customizable, this device will surely provide the specific needs of these users. Alongside this, it can still do its major role which is to secure a property and make the user feel safe. If you aim for flexibility, this driveway alarm might be the best choice for you.

The Verdict: Is Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm Worth Buying?

Not many security devices are as flexible and customizable as this driveway sensor alarm. Given these traits plus the quality of its performance, every customer will be happy to have it. It is a reliable device that has the capacity to protect different properties in an exceptional way. Customers may choose to work on the disadvantages to enhance their user experience.

People have different ways of living their lives. What’s good about Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm is its capacity to be adjusted to fit in those various lifestyles. A large number of customers will surely find this item useful and worth their money.

Wireless Door Sensor

Doorways are the primary means of entry into homes – unless, of course, you count windows and vents that thieves, burglars and intruders also use. For this reason, property owners like to install a wireless door sensor on many of the exterior and interior doors. When properly installed, the motion sensors will alert the property owner about the presence of people and animals on the doorways.

Door sensors, whether wired or wireless, have several applications. These include the following residential and commercial uses:

  • Trigger an alarm when a person or pet approaches the doorway or enters the windows
  • Give an alert when kids and pets enter restricted areas in the home, such as in the basement, gym, and attic
  • Provide an alert in case teens break their curfew and attempt to silently sneak in

In many cases, door sensors can also trigger the automatic turning on of spotlights. The combination of chimes and lights make door sensors more effective on the job, so to speak.

The SadoTech Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Doorbell is just what it says it is. Let’s take a look at its features, pros and cons so that you can make a smart purchasing decision.

Notable Features

The SadoTech wireless door sensor has two main units, namely, the sensor and receiver. First, the motion sensor is activated when it detects movement from people and pets entering the doorway. The unit uses passive infrared rays in detecting the heat emanating from people and pets.

Second, the receiver obviously gets the signal transmitted by the motion sensor and activates the alarm. The sound itself can range from the usual ding-dong of a bell to quirky melodies. Even the volume of the alarm can be adjusted from soft to loud.

Aside from the usual doorway application, the motion sensor has also been used by customers in several other uses. These include giving alerts when the windows are opened and the perimeters are breached, even when the mailbox is opened. Parents even use it for monitoring their children’s and pets’ movements in the house, such as when they enter restricted areas.

Keep in mind, however, that this is a simple alert system. You shouldn’t regard it as a sophisticated burglar deterrent systems lest you rely too much on it. You may or may not use it with other measures, such as motion-activated outdoor lights and alarms, depending on your security needs.

The detection time delay can be configured from 15 to 30 seconds. The term refers to the delay from the time the motion sensor detects the movement to the time the alarm sounds. You can set it at 15 seconds, for example, if you’re concerned about kids getting into restricted areas in the house.

The operating range is 500 feet, give or take a few feet. This refers to the distance between the motion sensor and the main chime unit.

When the distance between the two components is significantly more than 500 feet, the chime unit will be unable to receive signals. But most customers said that the 500-feet operating range is sufficient for residential applications. The trick is in placing as many of these units in the house so that virtually all important areas are covered.

Be sure to measure the angle of the motion sensor, too. You will likely need a protractor and use a trial-and-error method to get the 100-degree angle, its optimum angel. You may have a similar experience with other customers who have difficulty getting the right angle.

The main chime unit or receiver can be plugged into an electrical unit. You don’t have to buy batteries, a convenience that many motion sensors for doors and driveways don’t provide.

The main chime unit also gives users more than 50 different ring tones to choose from. While the choices are great, you will find that it’s not as great as it initially seems. Many of the ring tones are annoying so the standard tones, such as the ringing tone, are more popular.

Plus, you have to scroll down the 50-plus choices if you skip on one that you liked. This can be a frustrating experience when you’re just halfway through the list.

The volume can also be adjusted based on personal preferences. You may not want it to be too loud so the 25-decibel setting is a good choice. But you can also increase it to louder volumes of up to 110 decibels although it isn’t recommended.

In summary, the wireless door sensor has the following features:

The package comes with one plug-in receiver; one motion sensor; screws and anchors; and battery for the motion sensor.

  • Configurable detection time delay from 15 to 30 seconds
  • Receiver plugs into outlet but motion sensor requires battery
  • 500-feet operating range
  • 110-degree operating angle
  • Four levels of adjustable volume ranging from 25 to 110 dB.


Pros of the Product

The SadoTech Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Doorbell has the following benefits:

  • Simple yet attractive design
  • Numerous chime and song options for alert
  • Four chime volumes
  • Chiming unit has a blue light that adds to visual cue
  • 15-second delay to avoid repetition of alarms
  • Motion sensor has its on-off switch
  • Wide operating range


Cons of the Product

The SadoTech motion sensor doorbell has a few disadvantages including:

  • Range of motion detection leans on the vertical side (i.e., rectangular area)
  • Chime unit must always be plugged in so power blackouts can cause its non-operation
  • Chime unit doesn’t have an on-off switch
  • Most of the chime tones cannot be used


Who Is It Best For?

The SadoTech Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Doorbell is suitable for residential and commercial users although there are limitations to its use. Homeowners will appreciate the soft to loud chimes that alert them whenever somebody enters through the doorway, especially into a restricted area.

Business owners, especially in retail, also appreciate its multiple uses. The unit can be set up in the sales area, warehouse, and reception section, for example, so that the staff can be alerted to the presence of customers, delivery men, and the like.

Verdict – Should I Buy It?

The SadoTech Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Doorbell is a good investment in a wireless door sensor. Just keep in mind that it shouldn’t take the place of a more effective and efficient security system with perimeter fencing, surveillance cameras, and security guards.

Uses for a Door Alarm Sensor

Doors without security measures including locks, deadbolts, and alarm sensors are like open arms to thieves and burglars. While locks and deadbolts are standard security measures, a door alarm sensor isn’t so common. But this shouldn’t be!

An alarm sensor placed on the door will add another layer of security to your home and business. This comes in the form of an alarm being triggered when an unqualified or unauthorized person opens the door. The alarm sounds can be so disconcerting – sudden, loud and prolonged – that burglars are likely to run away instead of carrying out their plans.

The Doberman Security SE-0119A Wireless Door Alarm with 2 Remote Controls is one such product. Read on and find out about its features, pros and cons.

Notable Features

Before we discuss these matters, let’s first take a look at how alarm sensors for doors work. Keep in mind, too, that these sensors can also be applied in windows, especially large ones. The main consideration here is whether the components will fit into the window or door itself and on its frame.

Door sensors typically have two sensors, which are placed on the door and on the adjoining frame. These sensors must be positioned side by side such that these are almost touching when the door’s closed. These also use magnetic fields that track movements between the door and its frame.

When the door’s closed, the sensors are touching, so to speak, and the control panel notes that everything as it should be. But when the door’s opened, the action triggers the reed switch, the magnetic connector between the two sensors. The signal about the breach is transmitted to the control panel that, in turn, activates the alarm (i.e. loud siren sound).

This is also the case with the Doberman Security SE-0119A door alarm sensor. The system has two sensors that will be placed on opposite sides of the door – one on the door and another on the frame. The two sensors should be placed evenly so that the magnets are communicating with each other, sort of.

By the way, the unit uses magnetic trigger technology. When the magnets aren’t aligned, such as when the door’s open, the trigger will be activated and the alarm sounds off.

When properly installed, the system works as expected. Once the alarm is activated (i.e., turned on), it will sound the 100-decibel alarm when the door has been opened. You will then be alerted to potential break-ins. The 100-decibel alarm is definitely loud so you can hear it no matter where you are in an average American home.

But the Doberman Security SE-0119A system isn’t just for front doors. It can also be used for other applications like:

• Keeping kids away from restricted areas in and out of the house, such as the woodworking workshop, gym, and outdoor pool
• Preventing unauthorized persons from accessing your medicine cabinet, liquor bottles, or gun collection

While locks are still recommended, you have the added feature of being alerted to possible break-ins into your home. Even your cabinets can be equipped with the door alarm sensor! This isn’t just to deter burglars but also to prevent kids and teens from accessing off-limits items so easily.

The alarm can also be programmed either in a manual or remote control manner, especially when turning it on and off. The unit can be activated and deactivated by pressing the right keys on the remote control or sliding the switch on the main unit.

The alarm can also be programmed to work with up to five remote controls. In the package, however, are two remote controls so the other three should be bought separately.

You can turn on or off the alarm just by pointing the remote at the sensors and pressing the right key. This eliminates the need to get up from the bed just to activate the alarm for the night.

The operation range is pegged at 32 feet, give or take a feet or two. This should be sufficient for most home applications, especially in average-sized homes.

The sensors have a sturdy case as well as a compact design. This means that it’s large enough to see on the door but just small enough not to be an eyesore.

This is an easy-to-install door alarm sensor. You don’t need screwdrivers and the like. You just have to peel off the sticky backing at the back and stick it into the wood and voila! The door sensors are up in less than 5 minutes.

The sensors, by the way, require 3 AAA batteries, which should be purchased separately. The remote control requires a single CR2032 battery (included in the package).

Once triggered, the alarm sound is loud – too loud, in fact, for many buyers. But this works in the owner’s favor because burglars will be so flustered by the sudden, loud and prolonged sound. You may even see them running away for their lives.

In summary, its features include:

• Magnetic sensors
• Two remote controls
• 32-feet operational range
• Loud alarm sound

Pros of the Product

The Doberman Security SE-0119A Wireless Door Alarm has the following benefits:

• Easy to install, thanks to its peel and stick installation
• Sufficient operational range
• Sturdy case and compact design
• Manual and remote-controlled activation and deactivation
• Loud alarm sound
• Versatile uses on interior and exterior doors, as well as on cabinet doors and windows, when appropriate

Cons of the Product

But it has a few disadvantages, too, including:

• Can be turned off by a quick-thinking intruder (i.e., manual operation)
• Little instructions on pairing the unit with the remotes
• No volume control and choice in alarm tones

Who Is It Best For?

The Doberman Security SE-0119A Wireless Door Alarm is suitable for homeowners and business owners who want a loud alarm in their property. Despite its limitations, the alarm sensor is popular because of its effectiveness in signalling the alarm in case of unqualified or unauthorized entry.

Verdict – Should I Buy It?

This is a satisfactory door alarm sensor that you may want to buy. The Doberman Security SE-0119A Wireless Door Alarm can add a layer of security to your home, especially when you already have motion sensors, floodlights, and cameras in place.

Driveway Alarm Wireless

Driveway alarm wireless is the very first thing for your home security and to protect your apartment from an unauthorized entry. Driveway Alarm Products (a division of EZ CyberQuest, Inc.) is offering our customers a complete business and home solution and brings a high quality security system for their proper safety. These devices are completely wireless, highly sensitive, and suitable for outdoor use and have many other features in it. Driveway alarm products include both wireless and wired Driveway alarm systems. It has motion detector sensors which detects the visitor’s entry. Additionally you can add more driveway sensors to get more security in your driveway installation.

Different types of Driveway sensors:
There are so many driveway sensors available in the market. Some of them are Metal sensing probes which detect metal, infrared driveway alarms for motion detector and Rubber air hose to detect weight of vehicles etc. These all sensors triggered when any vehicle, person and unknown entry detected moving. All of them has similar functionality and used for different purposes. The level of security is also depends on the driveway sensors you use for your security purpose.

Features of Driveway Wireless alarms:
These driveway wireless alarms can have many useful features to offer you better security. Some of them are that these devices can be installed at any level of height and works perfectly there. Devices are so easy to install that you can do it by yourself without having any extra skills for this. User can manually select the sensitivity level for motion detection. It can be made up with weather resistance so that it can be installed in outdoor area such as parking lot etc. These devices are completely wire-less and can consume less battery power. Batteries are used to provide a complete wireless solution. Additionally user can add more sensors with it as per their use to take the security at very high level. The distance calculation is always necessary for such devices. It’s better to choose a device which has a range more than your required range as it can be restricted by thick forest, walls or hills.

So if you are looking for a high level security system then you can choose wireless driveway alarms. These are effective and easy to handle and deal with. You need no additional skills to install these wireless devices. It can easily protect you home and business from unauthorized entities. We are also offering so many wired and wireless devices for the same purpose. These devices automatically get triggered when any person or any vehicles moves or comes in motion in the range of driveway devices. These wireless devices used to detect motion and can be used with many additional sensors to add more security with it. It can be installed at any height and work with ease. You can set a receiver anywhere inside your home to get alarmed if your security get breached.

Driveway Sensor

Burglaries and thefts are a common feature of our society and pose a continuous threat on our property and assets. Thieves plan in advance before getting into your property and thus it is important for us to keep a constant check on their activities. One can’t really judge what goes into the mind of a burglar but one can definitely have an upper hand over them by sensing their activities at the right time using a driveway sensor alarm. A burglar has to go through your driveway at least once if he is planning to get into your house, pool, garage or backyard and this is where driveway sensor comes handy to alert the dwellers of the house on time and they can protect their property by employing appropriate measures.

Driveway sensor alarms work like a first line of protection for you and your family and thus their installation is extremely important to keep your loved ones and belongings safe and protected. Driveway sensors work in a way that they alert you immediately when an unwanted intruder or vehicle gets into your area, so that you can have an easy access to your property. There are a number of ways in which a driveway alarm alerts its installer- it can be in the form of message on your phone, email on your account, siren in your house or even a phone call on your cell.

A driveway alarm consists of mainly 2 components- a sensor and a receiver. The driveway sensor is put into the area that you want to keep an eye on just like your driveway or garage . The receiver on the other hand is kept inside one’s place, thus when the sensor senses any unwanted or alien movement in its vicinity area, it immediately passes this information to the receiver which ultimately alarms you regarding any unwanted movement. Most of the driveway alarms have a range of up to 100 feet, however there are certain sensors having a range of 300-400 feet as well. It is pertinent to know that a sensor having more range is costlier than the others.

There are basically two types of driveway alarm systems-wired and wireless. The wired ones are traditional systems while the wireless alarms are modern and considered to be more robust than the wired ones. Wireless alarms are also easy to install and one can install them without any professional or technical help. Driveway sensor alarms are basically similar to home security systems that can survive all kinds of weathers and electrical setups but in fact are more affordable and easy to handle. A driveway alarm system doesn’t come with a 24 hours monitoring system but can be easily connected with the main security system in order to provide you with better services.

Driveway sensors are extremely flexible i.e. they can be extended as per one’s requirement and can even be changed so as to suit one’s need. Thus if you are looking for installing a driveway alarm in your house or office and want to grab more information regarding its various variants, all you need to do is visit