Driveway Alarm Wireless

Driveway alarm wireless is the very first thing for your home security and to protect your apartment from an unauthorized entry. Driveway Alarm Products (a division of EZ CyberQuest, Inc.) is offering our customers a complete business and home solution and brings a high quality security system for their proper safety. These devices are completely wireless, highly sensitive, and suitable for outdoor use and have many other features in it. Driveway alarm products include both wireless and wired Driveway alarm systems. It has motion detector sensors which detects the visitor’s entry. Additionally you can add more driveway sensors to get more security in your driveway installation.

Different types of Driveway sensors:
There are so many driveway sensors available in the market. Some of them are Metal sensing probes which detect metal, infrared driveway alarms for motion detector and Rubber air hose to detect weight of vehicles etc. These all sensors triggered when any vehicle, person and unknown entry detected moving. All of them has similar functionality and used for different purposes. The level of security is also depends on the driveway sensors you use for your security purpose.

Features of Driveway Wireless alarms:
These driveway wireless alarms can have many useful features to offer you better security. Some of them are that these devices can be installed at any level of height and works perfectly there. Devices are so easy to install that you can do it by yourself without having any extra skills for this. User can manually select the sensitivity level for motion detection. It can be made up with weather resistance so that it can be installed in outdoor area such as parking lot etc. These devices are completely wire-less and can consume less battery power. Batteries are used to provide a complete wireless solution. Additionally user can add more sensors with it as per their use to take the security at very high level. The distance calculation is always necessary for such devices. It’s better to choose a device which has a range more than your required range as it can be restricted by thick forest, walls or hills.

So if you are looking for a high level security system then you can choose wireless driveway alarms. These are effective and easy to handle and deal with. You need no additional skills to install these wireless devices. It can easily protect you home and business from unauthorized entities. We are also offering so many wired and wireless devices for the same purpose. These devices automatically get triggered when any person or any vehicles moves or comes in motion in the range of driveway devices. These wireless devices used to detect motion and can be used with many additional sensors to add more security with it. It can be installed at any height and work with ease. You can set a receiver anywhere inside your home to get alarmed if your security get breached.

Driveway Sensor

Burglaries and thefts are a common feature of our society and pose a continuous threat on our property and assets. Thieves plan in advance before getting into your property and thus it is important for us to keep a constant check on their activities. One can’t really judge what goes into the mind of a burglar but one can definitely have an upper hand over them by sensing their activities at the right time using a driveway sensor alarm. A burglar has to go through your driveway at least once if he is planning to get into your house, pool, garage or backyard and this is where driveway sensor comes handy to alert the dwellers of the house on time and they can protect their property by employing appropriate measures.

Driveway sensor alarms work like a first line of protection for you and your family and thus their installation is extremely important to keep your loved ones and belongings safe and protected. Driveway sensors work in a way that they alert you immediately when an unwanted intruder or vehicle gets into your area, so that you can have an easy access to your property. There are a number of ways in which a driveway alarm alerts its installer- it can be in the form of message on your phone, email on your account, siren in your house or even a phone call on your cell.

A driveway alarm consists of mainly 2 components- a sensor and a receiver. The driveway sensor is put into the area that you want to keep an eye on just like your driveway or garage . The receiver on the other hand is kept inside one’s place, thus when the sensor senses any unwanted or alien movement in its vicinity area, it immediately passes this information to the receiver which ultimately alarms you regarding any unwanted movement. Most of the driveway alarms have a range of up to 100 feet, however there are certain sensors having a range of 300-400 feet as well. It is pertinent to know that a sensor having more range is costlier than the others.

There are basically two types of driveway alarm systems-wired and wireless. The wired ones are traditional systems while the wireless alarms are modern and considered to be more robust than the wired ones. Wireless alarms are also easy to install and one can install them without any professional or technical help. Driveway sensor alarms are basically similar to home security systems that can survive all kinds of weathers and electrical setups but in fact are more affordable and easy to handle. A driveway alarm system doesn’t come with a 24 hours monitoring system but can be easily connected with the main security system in order to provide you with better services.

Driveway sensors are extremely flexible i.e. they can be extended as per one’s requirement and can even be changed so as to suit one’s need. Thus if you are looking for installing a driveway alarm in your house or office and want to grab more information regarding its various variants, all you need to do is visit